My proficiency in Japanese broadened the possibilities to succeed in Mitsuwa.

Joined in 2017

Irvine Store

Store Office Department
(as of January 2023)

# full-time employee

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    broadened the possibilities to succeed in Mitsuwa.

Japanese anime and comics piqued my interest in Japanese culture.

Japanese anime was huge in my childhood and I was one of them into it. Meanwhile, I studied Hiragana and Katakana in junior high school and learned the basic of Japanese. To pursue a higher proficiency in language, I lived in Vietnam for 5 years to study and majored Japanese in college to more refine my proficiency.

Since my childhood, I have been to Mitsuwa frequently to shop Japanese merchandise for my friends’ birthday gifts, candies and cosmetics. When I got employed in Mitsuwa, I felt on top of the world because joining Mitsuwa was my dream. My first task was to learn how to use a cash register and customer service. I was pretty nervous communicating with customers since I never had customer service experience in the past, but I got used to it quickly because I had a lot of great help from my colleagues. Everything was new to me and especially I was super excited being a part of Japanese seasonal events and getting to know new products from Japan.

Became an expert in Japanese through customer service

Day in and day out, I get bunch of questions from our customers such as “How do I cook these ingredients deliciously?”, “What is a specialty of this spice?” and etc. Mitsuwa sells lots of unique products that I never had so I give it my best shot to try new products very often in order to share helpful information with our customers. There are always pros and cons for trying new things, but luckily I find great products that I ended up buying regularly. You know what? You should definitely try “Natto”, the bestest everyday food ever!

My days in Mitsuwa are second to none so far and my experience here made me more confident about my Japanese proficiency. Since 2021, I took a full-time role and handle clerical duties such as sales report entry, payrolls and some part of HR duties as well. My immediate goal is to gain more experience as my current role and bump myself up to support the headquarters.