Passion is everything for me – The right place for me to learn and grow

Joined in 2018

San Gabriel Store

Management Trainee
(as of January 2023)

#full-time employee

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    The right place for me to learn and grow

Could not give up my dream of a life overseas

Back in the days my first time living abroad was taken place in Australia when I was in high school. I was a low-key person so I was pretty anxious if I could get along easily, but I was luckily treated good by people there and ended up having a wonderful school life.
After some years in Japan, I still could barely give up my dream of living abroad. So I decided to stick to my gun and applied for whatever positions offered overseas.

Mitsuwa’s passion in success drew my attention

I accepted Mitsuwa’s job offer because the president has the truehearted passion towards success in the supermarket industry in the USA. If the passionate man like him asked me to join his business, why not? Definitely go for it! My wife also encouraged me to join Mitsuwa so after a couple months, I started my career at Mitsuwa.

I have been struggling to survive in a different life system here, but life here has been decent so far and challenging environment is what I was looking for and that is why I came abroad. My immediate goal is to become a store manager who has the same passion as our president.