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Why You Choose Mitsuwa


Wide Variety of Unique and High-end Japanese Products

We don’t only have well-known Japanese products such as Sushi, Shabu Shabu and Japanese candies, but also have rare ingredients directly imported from Japan and sophisticated products with limited editions lined up. You can stay ahead of the latest trends in Japan while building your career here.


No experience necessary

No worries, you are not the only freshman here. Your future colleagues will take proper steps to train you. Good communication among colleagues and customers is one of the keys to success in building your career here.


Unique opportunities to learn Japanese culture and language

Working at Mitsuwa Marketplace is a great way to explore opportunities not only to be surrounded by Japanese products, but also to actually learn Japanese culture and language by interacting with Japanese colleagues and customers and everything happening in the store could be your learning materials.


Safe and stable work environment

KAMEI CORPORATION, the parent company of Mitsuwa, is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market, which only targets companies with high market capitalization in Japan. As a group company with a stable management base, you can work in a stable environment for a long time with experts to make and follow safety measures.


  • 1 Do I need experience to be qualified for a position?

    – No experience is necessary. Our experienced team members will train you from the beginning.

  • 2 How many hours do I get to work per week?

    – Full-time employees are regularly required to work 40 hours a week.

    – Part time employees are regularly scheduled to work 22-25 hours a week.

    – Short time employees are regularly scheduled to work less than 21 hours a week.

  • 3 What benefits do I get offered?

    Pursuant to the company’s rules, Mitsuwa offers benefits to employees as listed below.

    – Full time employees : Health Insurance(Medical/Dental/Vision), Vacation, Sick Leave, Holiday Pay, 401k, Employee Discount

    – Part time employees : Sick Leave, Holiday Pay, 401k, Employee Discount

    – Short time employees: 401k, Employee Discount

  • 4 What is the dress code?

    – All employees, working in the retail area, are required to wear plain dark slacks or skirts with white or light color collared shirts, dark colored work shoes and only with provided smocks, vests, aprons or any other uniforms provided by the Company.

  • 5 What are the typical steps in the hiring process?

    Step 1: Submission of Application Online

    Step 2: Pre-Screening – The only applicant chosen to move forward in the process are notified within two weeks of submitting an application online.

    Step 3: First Interview (Second Interview if applicable) – If selected, a Hiring Manager or Store Manager will schedule a In-Person Interview.

    Step 4: Offer of Employment – If chosen, you will receive a job offer and scheduled the onboarding orientation.

    Step 5: First Day Orientation

    * It takes approximately a month for the whole process