Japan stands out not only with Sushi and Ramen, but also with other food culture.

Joined in 2017

LA Northridge Store

Store Manager
(as of January 2023)

# full-time employee

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    but also with other food culture.

Here I come! Longed for a life in the USA.

I came abroad in the USA in 2017. I applied for a position at Mitsuwa to fulfill my dream of living in the USA since my teens. It was a great opportunity to work overseas because I would be able to gain more values in my life compared to my experience studying abroad when I was in school. I was happy enough in Japan that time, but when I looked back my school days that I loved American movies and spent so much time watching them to better understand plain English, I thought this would be a first and last chance to make my dream of living overseas come true. So I decided to drive head first into this opportunity!

Ever since my life in Mitsuwa started, I still have been struggling with a culture difference from my colleagues. It is great that everyone appears positive, friendly and open, but there is a slight difference between their understanding and mine in roles, tasks and duties. Apparently it should be different, but I enjoy working in multicultural environment!

Convey and spread what Japan has to offer to my crews and customers

I am now the store manager of our brand-new branch, LA Northridge store. As my role, I mainly address myself to the important mission at hand which I tell my crews why Mitsuwa stands out to provide the top-notch products and the best way to enjoy Japanese food and why Mitsuwa needs to be a leader among conveyers of Japan. Sometime the other day, one of my crews could not tell the difference of“Soy Sauce” and “Dashi(fish broth)”and made a shelf with a full of the same kinds. Once again, I as the store manager need to lead my diligent crews to deeply understand how Mitsuwa represents itself among the communities here and follow Mitsuwa’s dream together.