Mitsuwa gave me a chance to open the door in my career

Joined in 2019

Torrance Del Amo Store

Deli ”Nagomi” Department
(as of January 2023)

#Full-time Employee

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    to open the door in my career

The more I learned, the more I gained responsibilities

I have been a huge fan of Mitsuwa for a long time and often shopped here as a customer. I believed it was a great chance for me building my career at Mitsuwa because I had a food prep experience from my past job and found a back-office work more suitable for my personality than customer service.

Now I work at the Deli department and am in charge of cutting fish and making sushi. I first didn’t know how to use a knife, but I gradually acquired skills by doing small things that I could do at the time. When a full-time position became vacant, I gladly took the chance to develop my career with more responsibilities. It became more challenging for me to handle both work and school, but I set my mind to deal with my hectic schedule for further growth myself.

Perfect place to grow yourself. What you learn would be beneficial down the road.

In addition to my daily tasks, I am in charge of supervising a small group of employees including experienced employees and new hires to make sure that we constantly have a good communication each other to address the needs of our customers. I was not familiar with Japanese culture, but Japanese culture became special for me now. The best workplace with the best crews here gives me the reason to stay and more options to explore for my future.

I will take my time to think about my future, but for sure, the time I’ve been spending here will be valuable and the experience I gained here would certainly become a life asset.