Why don’t you
start your new life
at the place
you can explore
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best of Japan?

The best place to work for people who are interested in JAPAN.
Feel Japan, Feel Mitsuwa!
The best place to
work for people
who are interested

Feel Japan,
Feel Mitsuwa!

With our group companies immense support, we, Mitsuwa Marketplace, utilize our own specialized distribution channel to offer fresh and high-quality Japanese ingredients. We seek out unique and traditional Japanese foods and products and stand out as the cultural epicenter of Japanese food in the United States. Why don’t you join us and enjoy the environment where you can learn Japanese culture and language through work?

Why You Choose Mitsuwa

Wide Variety of Unique
and High-end Japanese Products
We don’t only have well-known Japanese products such as Sushi, Shabu Shabu and Japanese candies, but also have rare ingredients directly imported from Japan and sophisticated products with limited editions lined up. You can stay ahead of the latest trends in Japan while building your career here.
No Experience Necessary
No worries, you are not the only freshman here. Your future colleagues will take proper steps to train you. Good communication among colleagues and customers is one of the keys to success in building your career here.
Unique Opportunities to Learn
Japanese Culture and Language
Working at Mitsuwa Marketplace is a great way to explore opportunities not only to be surrounded by Japanese products, but also to actually learn Japanese culture and language by interacting with Japanese colleagues and customers and everything happening in the store could be your learning materials.
Safe and Stable Work
KAMEI CORPORATION, the parent company of Mitsuwa, is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market, which only targets companies with high market capitalization in Japan. As a group company with a stable management base, you can work in a stable environment for a long time with experts to make and follow safety measures.

Our Team Members Share
Their Moment at Mitsuwa

How did you get to know Mitsuwa?
Why did you apply for this job?
I have been a huge fan of Mitsuwa for a long time and often shopped here as a customer. Back in days I was at the store to shop, I saw a hiring poster and decided to apply. I believed it was a great chance for me because I had a food prep experience from my past job and found a back-office work more suitable for my personality than customer service.
How do you handle both school and work?
It is definitely challenging for me to deal with my hectic schedules, but I am happy with it. Studying during lunch break at work is so far the best way to manage my time.
Which company benefit
do you like the most?
Definitely the employee discount. We are offered the decent discount rate for most of merchandises. The discount gets me to buy Japanese snacks and food on trend lately in Japan at lower cost. It gives me a chance to get to know Japanese food culture in deep. By any chance, you should come to Nagomi section and try our Sushi. You will experience the best Sushi ever!
Tell me about your story
after joining Mitsuwa.
It was my first time to work at the grocery market and I started working at the meat department. Packing and cutting meat was my first experience as well, but I am happy with the experience because cutting skill can be used in cooking at home.
I currently work for the grocery department mainly in confectionery section. My main duty is to stock shelves, but I help customers to find candies from time to time.
What motivates you to work?
It is the most basic of basics, but I enjoy organizing and stocking the shelves attractively and flawlessly. Customers happy face motivates me to keep it up. I am very shy and not the best at talking to people initiatively, but this job encourages me to communicate with my colleagues to make a pleasant working environment together.
What was your image of Japanese culture
before joining Mitsuwa?
Any change in your impression
after you joined us?
Honestly, I was not familiar with Japanese culture at all, but I learned that Japanese people work diligently and I respect their devotion to work. When it comes to Japanese culture, everything here is not something that I usually encounter and I appreciate the diversity and I am excited being surrounded myself around different language, customs and culture that I did not grow up with.
Why did you apply for Mitsuwa?
I used to shop here a couple of times a month and wanted to work somewhere I could be surrounded by Japanese products I love.
How does your family feel about you as a
“working mom”?
To compare to the time being a housewife before, I am more mentally and financially fit. I am happy and my family feels the same. Since they see me being a busy mom, they take the initiative to do chores on my behalf.


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